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Bespoke Brow ​Kits

  • Bespoke Brow Tint & Activator (3 Applications)
  • Tinting Protection Cream
  • Mixing Jar
  • Disposable Cotton Tips for Mixing
  • Brow Brush and Applicator Wands
  • Removing Pads
  • Waxing Pen for Lip and Brow Waxing
  • 1:1 Online Consultation & Lesson from Belinda, Master Brow Stylist with over 19 years experience
  • Bonus Instructional Video
  • Free Delivery or Postage
Bespoke Brow ​Kits


Welcome to The Velvet Parlour...

We offer all aspects of current Hair, Beauty Bar, and Make-Up services. At Velvet Parlour we are wildly in love with the ability to create a platform for people to express themselves through image and align their external visual presence with who they truly feel they are. We have amassed a team dedicated to their crafts and constant educational improvement to ensure you receive honest advice from people who are as knowledgeable as they are passionate.

Our Team..

  • Award Winning Hair Stylists
  • Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapists
  • Visionary Make-Up Artists
  • Internationally Recognised Image Consultants

Looking forward to seeing you at the Parlour!