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Velvet Parlour


Leave In Hydrating Conditioner


Pump Leave in Hydrate Conditioner is a leave-in cream that nourished hair and restores lost moisture. With Chamomile extracts to nourish hair and seal split ends.

Moisture Hydrate Spray


Pump Moisture Hydrate Spray is a conditioning leave-in spray that nourishes hair and restores lost moisture. Jojoba seed oil hydrates hair without weighing it down.

300 Heat Protectant Spray


Don't let your straightening iron, curling wand or blow dryer ruin your hair anymore! Introducing the latest in technology to create heat protection for up to 300 degrees. The Pump 300° Heat Protection has a tropical smell to die for and creates a gloss feel on your hair. A must-have for anyone using heat on their hair.

Blow Out Cream


Pump Thickening Shampoo gently cleanses your hair whilst delivering volume to the hair cuticle. Best when used together with Pump Thickening Conditioner 

Volume Mist


Pump Thickening Conditioner is a lightweight product that helps promote thicker and fuller hair with each use. Our unique conditioning system allows the conditioner to thicken the hair shaft.

Volume Powder


Dream of instantly thick hair with volume on the roots? Volume powder is just what you need! Pump up your roots with our Volume Powder for thicker looking hair that stays styled all day.

Rose Quartz Hair and Body Oil


Shimmer and Glow meets Rose Quartz Crystal - The crystal of love! A lightweight oil that smells amazing packed with crystal powder. The best part is once the bottle is finished you get to keep a Rose Quartz Crystal!

The Crystals were cleansed in a full moon before they were placed in the bottle.

All Night Hold Set In Spray


Set and forget! Keep your hair holding all night long! All Night Hold Spray creates a long-lasting, flexible hold when styling your hair. Can be used with hot tongs, rollers or a blow dryer to create curls or spray on dry hair for a textured look. 

Hair Porosity Equalizer


Designed For High Porosity hair! Not sure if you have high porosity? Do the test! Take one strand of hair that has fallen out or from your brush and place in a glass of water. Wait a few minutes and if your hair floats you have low porosity hair. If it sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair and this product is for you!

A protein-rich spray that equalises porosity in the hair enabling it to retain hair colour, build resilience throughout the strands and hold moisture and lock it in.