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Velvet Parlour


Squeaky Clean Shampoo

Rrp- $35.00

When your hair produces high levels of oil it actually slows down the rate of hair growth! Hate the fact you have to wash your hair every day to only find it's oily again? Pump Squeaky Clean shampoo contains Citrus Seed oil, Spearmint oil, Wild mint and Tea Tree oil to balance your scalp. Cruelty free and vegan! 

Scalp Therapy Shampoo

Rrp $34.95

Pump Scalp Therapy Shampoo is formulated to balance a dry, itchy, flaky scalp and alleviate symptoms of dandruff. Apple Cider Vinegar to gently lift oils, Blue-Green Algae amino acids and Green Tea Extract to tone and balance the scalp.

Scalp Tonic


Itchy flaky scalp? Don't worry I have you covered! I spent a lot of time working with my formulator to create this blend of natural extracts and botanical ingredients that are known to soothe an itchy scalp, lift loose dandruff, add moisture to a dry scalp and ease the itch of psoriasis.