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Velvet Parlour


Cleansing Shampoo & Scalp Ritual Massage

 Hands up who hates washing their hair and just needs a little time out? 

We've got you covered! Treat yourself in salon to a Deep Cleansing Shampoo Treatment and 10 minute Scalp Ritual Massage Treatment to wash away the week! 

Only $15

Why not follow up with a Blow Dry to save you time and invest in you! $45-$75 (Includes the $15 Treatment)

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Xpress Intensive One Shot Hair Treatment 

Want added strength and shine or growth and volume? Boost your hair health with our Xpress Intensive One shot Treatment as a leave in power packed infusion after any basin service.

Choose from:

Protein Power Pack


Growth and Scalp Stimulation

Quick results, healthy hair and only $20!

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Professional Prescriptive Hair Heat Treatment & Scalp Ritual Massage

Relax, rejuvenate and reward yourself with this ultimate hair treatment. Start with a deep cleansing shampoo before application of a prescriptive hair treatment designed to enhance and strengthen the bonds within your hair. Unwind with a tailored head and scalp massage before having a heated processor infuse the treatment mask into the hair. Your hair will never feel more loved and so will you!


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