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Velvet Parlour


Lash Colouring & Tinting

Traditional Lash Tint

Traditional tint to achieve a darker and fuller lash. Lasts 4 Weeks


Hybrid Lash Tint

Hybrid Tint creates ultimate depth and enhancement of the lashes. Lasts 6 - 8 Weeks. 


Lash Treatments

Botox Lash Treatment

Botox Lash Treatment infuses proteins and hydration agents to the lashes to create a thicker, plumper lash and a soft lash lift. Designed to be done every 4 weeks for ultimate growth and volume. 


Keratin Lash Lifting & Lamination

Create curl and definition with this keratin infusing treatment. Designed to be done every 12 weeks.


Brow Colouring & Tinting

Traditional Brow Tint

Traditional Tint to help create definition. Can be the same colour to 'fill in' the brows or darker to enhance them. Lasts 4 weeks.


Hybrid Brow Tint

Revolutionary new tint able to create multi dimensional colours and skin staining for  a fuller, enhanced brow. Lasts 6-8weeks. 


Henna Brow Colour

Henna Colour is a natural alternative for brow colour, We are able to mix the perect shade for you. Lasts 8 weeeks,


Brow Treatments

Brow Botox Treatment

Brows need a plumping and strengthening? Perfect for any one who suffers brow loss or patches or just wants better healthy brows.


Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a perfect treatment for fuller, fluffier or unruly brows. Creating a perfect shape that stays put it is an amazing treatment and lasts 8 weeks. 


Brow Wax & Shape 

We use only the highest grade and gentlest wax to perform all brow waxing. Pre and post care is taken with every service.