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Velvet Parlour


Semi Colour

Semi Colour provides a beautiful shine and luminosity to your hair. The use of semi-permanent hair color is an effective way to determine if a new hair color is for you. Once the hair color is applied, it typically fades within six weeks, giving you enough time to decide if you like the color without making a long-term commitment.

$65 - $110

Permanent Tint

Tints are a perfect solution for anyone wanting to sustain a longer result from their hair colour. Permanent hair colours don't wash out but will need the regrowth touched up every 4-8 weeks depending on hair growth.

$70 - $115

Gloss Colour 

Gloss You may have heard of people updating their routines with a 'hair gloss' this year, a buzzy new trend transitioning from salons. Is hair gloss a colourant? A conditioner? A shine treatment?

Hair gloss treatments really do it all. Applying a hair gloss treatment between hair dyeing is a great way to ensure your colour lasts well and doesn’t fade unevenly. At the same time, these products tame fly-aways, frizz, and split ends for a high-shine finish. Whether you regularly colour your locks or want to enhance your natural hue and add shine, a hair gloss is a product to consider.


Colour Glaze

A fabulous in between colour touch up solution. Coming in for a blow dry and just need a quick refresh? Performed at the basin this is a colour enhacer that nourishes, creates shine and refreshes your exsisting colour. 


Traditional Toners

Need to cool down a blonde, bronde or brunette? Traditional toners are  a treatment performed at the basin and are used to neutralise and colour balance a colour that may have changed with time and lifestyle. A perfect colour pick me up to keep your blondes on point between visits!